This chart should give you a good idea what to expect if you apply to various Maryland colleges. The data is all from the college board, but the interpretation and advice are based on my own opinions. It is certainly *possible* that you will get accepted even if this chart tells you your odds aren’t good; this chart is meant to show you when you can expect a yes. A word of warning about extracurriculars and other application strengtheners – it is true that they can help you but it is a good idea to understand how and when they help you. They will NOT compensate for a low combination of test scores and gpa unless you literally spend a summer planting food in 3rd world villages or have a parent who built a library for the school. What they will do is help you stand out from a nearly identical test score and gpa student with less impressive ECs on their app. If your main criteria aren’t in place, extras won’t save you. Also worth noting – accomplishing significant positions in a few ECs looks much better than having marginal involvement in 20. You want to look like someone who cared about the things they got involved in.

Schools in italics are using just math + reading, not all three scores.

College Name Applying with a GPA focus Applying with an SAT score focus
Bowie State U. * 1350+ w/ GPA 3.5+ 1800+ w/ GPA -2.5
Capitol Coll** 900+  ** 1150+  **
Coppin State U. * 800+ w/ 3.0+ 1000+ w/-2.5
Frostburg State U. 1300+ w/ GPA 3.5+ 1600+ w/ GPA -3.0
Goucher College 1520+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1800+ w/ GPA -3.0
Hood College 1450+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1800+ w/ GPA -3.0
Johns Hopkins U. 1950+ w/ GPA 3.9+ 2250+ w/ GPA 3.25-3.5
Loyola U. MD 1100+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1300+ w/-3.25
MD Inst Coll Art* 1570+ * 1900+ *
McDaniel College 1000+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1220+ w/-3.25
Morgan State 1220+ w/ GPA 3.0+ 1500+ w/-2.5
Mount St. Mary’s 1250+ w/ GPA 3.5+ 1600+ w/ GPA -3.0
Notre Dame U. 900+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1150+ w/-3.0
Salisbury U. 1600+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1820+ w/ GPA -3.25
St. John’s College * 1200+ * 1400+ *
St. Mary’s College 1650+ w/ GPA 3.6+ 2000+ w/ GPA -3.1
Stevenson U. 1300+ w/ GPA 3.75+ 1620+ w/ GPA -3.25
Towson U. 1500+ w/ GPA 3.8+ 1760+ w/ GPA -3.25
U.S. Naval Acad* 1200+ w/ GPA 3.9+ * 1400+ w/ GPA 3.0-3.5 *
U. of Baltimore 1250+ w/ GPA 3.5+ 1570+ w/ GPA -2.9
U MD, Balt. Co. 1650+ w/ GPA 3.8+ 1950+ w/ GPA -3.5
U MD, Coll Park 1200+ w/ GPA 3.9+ 1400+ w/ GPA 3.2-3.6
U MD, Eastern S. 1150+ w/ GPA 3.4+ 1450+ w/ GPA -2.9
Washington Coll 1600+ w/ GPA 3.8+ 1860+ w/ GPA -3.5

* – indicates that college didn’t provide a normal amount of statistical detail to the college board.
** – indicates that a college provided almost NO statistical detail to the college board.

University of Maryland, Baltimore (NOT the same as University of Maryland, Baltimore County) and Washington Adventist University did not provide enough information to form even a vague guess.

Schools like Johns Hopkins University and United States Naval Academy that show an actual GPA range in the “Applying with an SAT score focus” column have such a strong GPA focus that it is unlikely that even a perfect SAT score would balance out a GPA below that range.

St. John’s College was the only college at the time I made this that listed Racial/Ethnic Status as a top priority in their decision-making. That probably means they *really* need to diversify. So if you are a minority, they may be highly motivated and flexible to get you in.